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Today I would like to ask the question; How do I make my business stand out from the crowd? We all know about a USP (Unique Selling Point) and yes they can help create a unique brand identity… Some of us have also heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how it can boost business via the web… However, what this blog post aims to look at is how one business can stand out from a crowd filled with inviting USP’s and companies already investing in SEO!

Advances in technology (primarily the internet) have opened many doors for innovative businesses to develop and grow… But with these advances have come bigger and better competition, making the task of standing out from the crowd much more difficult!

Identifying your sector and competition

When I look at the web design and marketing sector I am amazed to see lots of new businesses starting up left, right and center! I mean, anyone can pick up HTML for dummies via amazon or take a crash course about websites and SEO online… The basics are not rocket science, however like all things in life and business, being the best at something (AKA a market leader) requires hard work, dedication, a desire to learn and lots of practice!

To become a market leader you really need to know your industry and deliver quality results day in day out! Facts about these happy customers (or in the web design sector, awesome websites you have created) need to be promoted to the masses… A proven track record and high quality of work is one valuable USP!

You can also charge slightly more for quality, take Apple and Dell for example… You could not pick up a new Apple laptop for the same price as a Dell, however Apple products will not de-value as quick, they will last longer and perform much better… Something certain customers (like myself) are prepared to pay a premium for!

So, how can I make my own business Tidy Design stand out in such a competitive industry? Why should people use my web design and marketing company instead of Mr Cheap, just starting up, offering websites and SEO or two a penny? These are good questions to be asking about your own business / sector… We all need to identify and promote what we can offer that the competition cannot?

Tips for making a business stand out from the crowd

My advice would be to think outside the box! If you can identify a gap in the market or deliver real value for money then people should take notice and buy from you… Here are 10 tips for making a business stand out from the crowd!

1. Create a brand identity, not just a company name 

2. Identify your customers, what they want and can afford to pay

3. Research costing, what is the competition charging for the same quality product or service

4. Don’t follow the norm, be different, be bold and be the best!

5. Put some of yourself into the brand, the brand is you so believe in it!

6. Be honest; only offer what you can deliver… Don’t oversell or undercharge, both can harm your business

7. Always deliver on time, people don’t want excuses and they will talk. Word of mouth is one awesome (FREE) tool for promoting a business!

8. Look to improve and develop your business, promote the fact you never stand still to customers

9. Get your business EVERYWHERE! The more places people see or hear about your business the better.

10. Never stop believing, keep on blogging, tweeting and marketing your business 24/7!

I hope the above points have helped? I could go on all day about marketing and branding however it is time for some dinner!

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What ever your business, good luck making it stand out from the crowd…


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